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GenCAD Export

Extension module for our PCB CAM Web App

PCB CAM Web App and extension module "GenCAD Export" – Data conversion made easy!
Opt for the extension module "GenCAD Export" and easily convert your PCB design data sets into popular GenCAD format.

Please select how many months you want to use the extension module. One-time payment.
Independent of the choice of extension module, the import of the formats Gerber274x X2/X3, Excellon and Sieb & Meyer is already included as free basic functionality!
19,90 € per month
Further information

Besides ODB++ and IPC 2581, GenCAD is one of the most recognized and prevailing data formats for the electronic data exchange. The main focus of GenCAD lies on the fabrication and testing of PCBs.

GenCAD files thus contain any information relevant for testing and manufacturing your PCB designs, including for example route (trace), component and net information and many more.

With our PCB CAM Web App and the extension module "GenCAD Export", you can now benefit from the advantages of GenCAD!

Choose the "GenCAD Export" extension module to convert virtually any format into the very common industry standard GenCAD.

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