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License for commercial use

Reading documentation before you finally can use a software is bothering you? Whenever possible you work around time-consuming installations? And you avoid programs that clutter your Windows registry?

After all, you think a software should support you in your work and save you time!

GerberLogix provides you with exactly these advantages combined with a wide range of functions. So purchase a license now for the commercial use of our free, multifunctional Gerber Viewer GerberLogix.
  • You will receive a USB stick. Price incl. shipping.
  • Use the software on several PCs simultaneously (incl. 10 licenses)
259,00 €
Further information
You are familiar with our Online Gerber Viewer? Well, then, you already know about the extensive import functionalities (e.g. Gerber or Excellon).
We are proud to offer you another Gerber Viewer with many additional functions: Our GerberLogix software solution!

GerberLogix supplies you with the tools you really need!

Below, you will find a list of all functionalities at a glance:

  • File import with automatic format recognition (extended Gerber / Excellon1, Excellon2 )
  • Direct reading of packed ZIP files
  • High-resolution image export in various formats (tiff, jpg, png, bmp)
  • Integrated screenshot functionality
  • Three different drawing modes (Filled, Outline, Both)
  • All objects can be dimensioned directly
  • Images can be imported and placed behind the CAD data
  • Multiple selection options and transparent drawing
  • Selection of a network
  • Layers / objects can be moved, rotated and mirrored
  • Layers with different offset can be automatically aligned
  • Freely selectable colours
  • Five different measuring methods
    1. point to point
    2. object to object
    3. object center to object center
    4. restring for drillings
    5. auto measure
  • Attribute Histogram for all objects
  • Powerful print functionality
  • Strokes (mouse gestures)

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

License terms

For more information, see our GerberLogix license terms.



With this license you will receive a USB dongle. If this dongle is connected to a PC, the software can be used there - no matter which PC it is.


To use this license, you must have a PC/server running 24 hours a day with a "floating server software". On this server 10 or more licenses are held (minimum purchase 10 licenses). Any number of PCs in your company (same network) can check out a license, but never more than total held licenses. With 10 licenses, a maximum of 10 users can use the software at the same time, but with each computer in the network.