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DXF Import

Extension module for our PCB CAM Web App

With this extension module, you can now also import data of the DXF format (incl. DWG, CGM, HPGL and PLT). Visualize your design and interact with it easily in our PCB CAM Web App. Benefit from the advantages of the data exchange format DXF designed by Autodesk!

Please select how many months you want to use the extension module. One-time payment.
Independent of the choice of extension module, the import of the formats Gerber274x X2/X3, Excellon and Sieb & Meyer is already included as free basic functionality!
9,90 € per month
Further information

Regardless of the choice of the extension module, the import of the Gerber274x X2/X3, Excellon and Sieb & Meyer formats is already included as free basic functionality!

The DXF data format (Drawing Interchange File Format) is a file format specified by Autodesk for guaranteeing a frictionless CAD data exchange. After all, compatibility plays a central role in the IT industry. Due to its well-documented and simple data structure, the DXF format is ideally suited for cross-program and cross-system data exchange. It has thus become well established as an industry standard.

The format supports all elements suitable or implementable for technical drawings. In principle, however, DXF files are not provided with a dimensions, so that the user of a "foreign" DXF file has to know the unit used for the creation of the drawing.

The structure of DXF files is primarily determined by the four elements: header, tables, blocks and geometry. These blocks are used to store the geometric content as well as various additional information.

  • Header: Basic properties used to define the working environment are stored here.
  • Tables: The tables sector is used to store various information about geometric elements and their visualization on the screen.
  • Blocks: DXF offers the possibility to group elements such as hatchings, dimension chains or freely defined geometry elements into blocks and to store their properties in so-called block definitions.
  • Geometry: In this section geometric shapes (e.g. lines, polygons or circles) are stored together with texts and other attributes.

You want to benefit from the numerous advantages of the DXF data format? With our PCB CAM Web App and the extension module "DXF Import", you can visualize your data in no time!

Convince yourself! Opt for the "DXF Import" for a term of one month or longer!

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