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IPC-2581 Import

Extension module for our PCB CAM Web App

Use this module at

This extension module allows you to import data in IPC-2581 format. Visualize your design and easily interact with it using our PCB CAM Web App. Take advantage of the benefits of IPC-2581.

This extension module supports the formats IPC-2581 A and IPC-2581 B.

As a manufacturer independent format, IPC-2581 ensures a cross-company and cross-process CAD flow starting from PCB tools to manufacturing with only a single data format. IPC-2581 is therefore an open, neutral and global standard for highly efficient and comprehensive CAD data exchange. It is an essential goal of IPC-2581 to transfer as much undocumented knowledge as possible and to make changes transparent.

Please select how many months you want to use the extension module. One-time payment.
9,90 € per month